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VU L – (ultrasonic)

These ultrasonic washing systems are designed for different industries. Appreciated especially by printing houses, coaters and metal workers, they offer different cleaning solutions, ideal for machine parts from flexo, gravure and offset printing: doctor blades, circulation ink tanks, guards and equipment. They are also very efficient in metal industries (degreasing) and are often used to accurately wash parts before being coated.
Thanks to ultrasounds technology it is possible to ensure a deep and extremely economical cleaning.
Ultrasonic is the only cleaning method able to wash also complex-shaped parts.
The operation is simple and safe, managed by a programmable microprocessor equipped with TOUCH SCREEN digital display, showing the washing cycle data, possible anomalies and periodic recommended maintenance.
The piezoelectric transducers have an efficiency of above 90% and provide a uniform and constant propagation of the ultrasonic waves into the washing liquid.
In addition to the features of VU S, the VU L model also includes a trolley with a customized slide-in grid for parts load, an automatic rinsing of the parts after washing, and a final drying/ventilation.


  • Suitable to work with aggressive detergents
  • Electrically and Pneumatically operated
  • Timed cycle
  • Panel with Touch Screen and dedicated PLC
  • Customizable washing cycles
  • Record of operating parameters and visualization of data during the cycle
  • Messages for scheduled maintenance
  • Alerts notification in case of malfunction
  • Heating of the washing liquid
  • Automatic lid opening with pneumatic pistons
  • Automatic lifting of the basket
  • Safety sensor for lid close
  • Dedicated emptying pump
  • Customized support grid
  • Trolley with slide-in grid
  • Weekly Programmer
  • Separate filtration system
  • Rinsing
  • Drying


Doctor blades – Hollow blades – Ink pans – Flexo and Gravure press parts – Ink circulating tanks – Cans and buckets – Various parts

(L x W x H)
VU 140 L1400 x 800 x 800
VU 180 L1800 x 800 x 800
VU 260 L2600 x 800 x 800