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LRC – (ultrasonic)

The new ultrasonic washing units series LRC are engineered for flexographic, rotogravure and offset industries, for they allow an easy and economical cleaning of cylinders and sleeves. The ink left in the cylinders or sleeves during the printing process is removed thanks to the mechanical action caused by the ultrasonic cavitation in a solution of water and detergent.
LRC washing units have ultrasonic transducers with over 90% efficiency, complete with quartz static generators. The transducers are the piezoelectric type, and grant an efficient anilox cell cleaning.  The tank is built totally in stainless steel.
The working cycle is controlled by a digital microprocessor with a Touch-Screen. The washing solution is heated by electric heating elements, controlled by a thermostat equipped with safety switch.
The LRC models optimize the cleaning purpose with major safety.  For instance, if there is not enough washing solution, the machine automatically stops the ultrasonic generator and the heating elements, until the minimum level needed for the washing cycle is restored.
The ultrasonic generator is designed with intelligent embedded control and high power IGTBs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor). The automatic control functions are managed by a microprocessor, to ensure the best performance of the washing systems.


  • Digital ultrasonic generator
  • Frequency sweep
  • Software frequency tracking
  • Step mode
  • Real time wave power control
  • Automatic control
  • Completely customizable working program
  • Variable length
  • Rinsing area
  • Minimum level control for transducers protection
  • Washing liquid heating system
  • Safety sensor for lid close


  • Flange kit for sleeves
  • Independent filtration system
  • Spraying bar for rinsing
  • Storage tank for rinse water
  • Weekly programmer
  • Brushes kit


Gravure cylinders – Anilox sleeves – Anilox rollers –  Engraved sleeves- Various parts

ModelL (mm)Ø (mm)
LRC 20 / PLUS*1900 – 1500210 – 320*
LRC 25 / PLUS*2400 – 1800210 – 320*
LRC 30 / PLUS*2900 – 2200210 – 320*
LRC 35 / PLUS*3400 – 2700210 – 320*
LRC 40 / PLUS*3900 – 3200210 – 320*