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PN C – PN S – PN S PLUS – (solvent)

These solvent-based washing systems are designed for different industries. Appreciated especially by printing houses, coaters and metal workers, they offer different cleaning solutions, ideal for machine parts from flexo, gravure and offset printing: gravure cylinders, doctor blades, circulation ink tanks, guards and equipment. The operation is simple and safe, combining the efficiency of the washing machine (in terms of time saving and cleaning quality) with the protection of the operator’s health, avoiding direct contact with hazardous substances.
Machine functioning is completely pneumatic, with the purpose of working in complete safety when dealing with flammable products.
The washing solvent is stored in the service tank, avoiding evaporative loss and consequent air pollution. The emptying of the service tank, as well as the rinsing with recovered solvent, can be operated either manually or automatically. It is also possible to combine any washing unit with recyclers for solvent recovery, allowing the user to minimize the consumption of solvent.


  •  Suitable to work with flammable solvents
  • Completely made of stainless steel Aisi 304
  • Pneumatically operated only
  • Start/Stop functioning
  • Lid with soft release pistons
  • Completely removable storage tank
  • Safety sensor for lid close
  • Dedicated emptying pump
  • Adjustable and removable pipelines
  • Support grid


  • Timed cycle
  • Rinsing with automatic liquid-leveling
  • Lance equipped with brush for manual cleaning of difficult parts
  • Additional pipelines
  • Rotating heads for can washing
  • Motorized support for gravure cylinders
  • Internal suction of vapors
  • Outside suction system
  • Customized support grid
  • Oscillating grid
  • Higher lid to increase useful space
  • Soundproofing
  • Motorized support for narrow web anilox


Doctor blades – Hollow blades – Ink pans – Flexo and Gravure press parts – Ink circulating tanks – Cans and buckets – Gravure cylinders – Various parts

(L x W x H)
PN 1000 C900 x 500 x 300
PN 1500 C/S*1400 x 500 x 300 /500*
PN 2000 C/S*1900 x 500 x 300 /500*
PN 2500 S2400 x 500 x 500
PN 3000 S2900 x 500 x 500
PN 1500 PLUS
1400 x 650 x 500
PN 2000 S PLUS1900 x 650 x 500
PN 2500 S PLUS2400 x 650 x 500
PN 3000 S PLUS2900 x 650 x 500