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XTR – XTR M – (solvent)

Washing machine for printing press parts, designed especially for ink trays, tanks, doctor blades and vessels.
Especially valued by rotogravure and flexo printers with numerous presses and job changes per shift.
It’s equipped with a trolley, to load the parts to be washed in the different areas of the factory and easily bring them in front of the machine. The operator will simply slide-in the grid and start the washing cycle.
All XTR series come with PLC control panel set with different washing and rinsing programs.
XTR M is equipped with oscillating solvent pipelines, with the mechanism placed outside the washing compartment, for total absence of moving parts during the cycle and reduced maintenance.


  • Electrically and Pneumatically operated
  • On-Board ATEX control panel
  • Panel with Touch Screen and dedicated PLC
  • Customizable washing cycles
  • Record of operating parameters and visualization of data during the cycle
  • Messages for scheduled maintenance
  • Alerts notification in case of malfunction
  • Trolley for parts loading
  • Door with vertical opening
  • Completely removable storage tank
  • Easy access lid with gasket and safety closure
  • Powerful electric pumps
  • Filtration and pre-filtration
  • Overpressure safety system
  • Cycles selection
  • Partial washing
  • Rinsing with automatic liquid-leveling
  • Adjustable and removable pipelines
  • Dedicated pneumatic pump for tank emptying
  • Dedicated pump for rinsing
  • Cooling of the solvent to limit evaporation


  • Oscillating pipelines with low number of nozzles, for higher pressure
  • Customized trolley
  • Integration with distillation unit


Doctor blades – Hollow blades – Ink pans – Flexo and Gravure press parts – Ink circulating tanks – Various parts

ModelDimensions (mm)
(L x W x H)
XTR 10001900x1000x600
XTR 20001900×2000 (1000+1000)x600
XTR 30001900×3000 (1500+1500)x600
XTR M 10001900x1000x600
XTR M 20001900×2000 (1000+1000)x600
XTR M 30001900×3000 (1500+1500)x600