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LA – LP – (ultrasonic)

LA-LP series washing units are designed for cleaning parts (LP model) and cylinders, rollers and sleeves (LA model).
This new product range is the outcome of our experience in industrial washing applications with the VU-S product series, combined with the reliability of the well-established LRC series for cylinder washing; it is a modular washing unit which, thanks to its enormous versatility, can be configured with options and accessory equipment to cover the requirements of a vast range of industrial applications.

The basic LP model is equipped with high specific power ultrasound generators to ensure efficient washing of parts even with complex geometries. The main tank, which contains the washing solution, is heated and fitted with baskets for manually loading and unloading the parts.

The LP-S model offers improved automation for loading, immersing and unloading larger sized parts, with an ergonomic pneumatic basket lift with removable slide.

The LA model has a simple rotary system for thoroughly cleaning rotogravure cylinders, sleeves and anilox rollers; on request, the LA tank can be fitted with a multiple rotary system for narrow band cylinders.
All models have a handy service tank with accessories for pre-washing and rinsing the parts.
The work cycle is controlled by a user-friendly interface with a simple timer/thermostat system, including operator safety equipment and on-board diagnostics


  • High power 38 kHz ultrasound generator
  • Modular submersible plates with high density transducers
  • Washing liquid heating system
  • Large choice of standard sizes
  • Pre-wash/rinse tank
  • All parts in contact in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Simple, intuitive control panel


  • Anilox sleeve flange kit (LA)
  • Set of part washing baskets (LP)
  • Automatic basket handling (LP-S)
  • Multiple rotary system for narrow band cylinders
  • Separate washing liquid filter system
  • Rinsing liquid storage and recirculation tank.



Doctor blades – Ink trays – Gravure cylinders – Anilox sleeves – Anilox rollers – Engraved sleeves – Various parts

(L x W x H)
L (mm)Ø (mm)
LA 101900-1500210
LA 152400 – 1800210
LA 20 / LA 20 PLUS*2900 – 2200210 – 320*
LP 10 / LP 10 PLUS*900 x 280 x 250 (900 x 380 x 350)*
LP 15 / LP 15 PLUS*1400 x 280 x 250 (1400 x 380 x 350)*
LP 20 / LP 20 PLUS*1900 x 280 x 250 (1900 x 380 x 350)*
LP-S 15 PLUS1500 x 350 x 500
LP-S 20 PLUS2000 x 350 x 600